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my dear visitor

hmm… ako po ay nangangampanya na inyong paunlakan ng kahit isang CLICK man lamang sa ad na nakabalandra sa itaas ng mensaheng ito.

maawa kayo, wala akong pang christmas shopping.

i don’t know what’s becoming of this blog lately. so please please… give me a click. you know, i wanna get rich! yeah yeah. if you must know… i just (duh) subscribed to google adsense in hopes of earning money from my sort of virtual bank account. the price per click depends on the percent commission the advertisers pay to google so we cannot really tell how much a click is worth. but mehn! now i know how important a click is! a click could be worth 15 bucks at the most. and according to my research when you reach $100 google will mail you a check. oh jeeez, $100 pretty much sums to 5,000 pesos here so err.. click away.

go ahead, it wouldn’t hurt to do some charity and point your mouse over whatever’s written in the ad above. and if you love me, click it more than once, twice, thrice (if it’s counted). it wouldn’t hurt would it?

come on! please! it works this way, google sort of spiders (that’s a verb) this blog and put ads related to the site content. yah so… they’re relevant! i just don’t think this blog has a ‘theme’. maybe that’s why it kept showing random ‘huh?’ ads.

HARRY POTTER should be showing soon. i love harry potter. and draco malfoy. and tonks. actually, i’m halfway through re-reading chamber of secrets. hehehe. i, err, i don’t know what else to say. is it legal to advertise your ad? mehn. sorry.