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scabbers in the house

here’s a confession. when i first tried friendster, i was dead set on searching for my crush. when i found him, he became part of my network… then my bulletin went boom! i was like flooding the whole system with what i call ‘bored games’ or those silly little interview forms disguised as surveys that no one really tallies. the main point is to actually get my crush read my bulletins and get to know me. it’s a simple way of doing pacute without him knowing. hahahaha. but you can never really tell…

but now, i do bored games for the sole reason of entertaning myself and wasting what millisecond is left of my internet card.

sometimes friendster bulletins can be a bit too annoying. but i don’t mind. hahaha i was once a bulletin freak you know.

there’s a stupid little rodent in the basement trying to cross to the bathroom. eew, i have no interest in chasing it so whenever the stupid little rodent squeaks and cautiously moves its way to the bathroom i sshhht! and the stupid little rodent will scramble its way back.

kaso rats aren’t as stupid as i though they were, the smart little rodent (after failing numerous attempts to get past me) devised a new strategy to avoid my menacing ssshht!s. and just now, i didn’t notice its filthy little toes run past me and behind the trashcan until i heard the ruffling of the plastic bag carelessly littered on the floor. now i know.

he’s in the bathroom now.