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mission accomplished

wahehehe. i feel very productive today. after finishing the laundry and hanging them dry under the scorching afternoon heat, i scrambled my way to the basement to continue writing my fic. you know, i really make it a point to seize the moment inspiration takes over. because it RARELY happens. so after a couple (lot) of hours of sitting and staring at a new microsoft word document and feeling blood oozing from my nose, i finally worked my ass on chapter 8.

finally. damn. it’s ending soon! haha i’m enjoying writing it but i’m being pressured! haha, and to think i have two more fics to continue.

i’m so grateful for jonadark. she’s currently beta-reading one of my works. i’m just so happy, you know, finally my stupid grammatical errors will be ironed clean. hahaha. i just can’t imagine reading a very clean composition of mine. salamaaaatt.