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happy birthday karlita! i love you!!! haha, pakabait ka bestpreend. hahaha

congratulate me for i have already written 33 pages of harrydraco. or in a more gross point of view, 33 pages of homosexual drama. hahaha, i can’t believe myself. it’s the longest composition i’ve ever written, longer than my 30 paged term paper about the third eye last year na super redundant kasi i’m an unresourceful researcher especially with things that spooks me. i don’t even know why i picked the subject.

anyhow, yesterday terai and i went to greenhills to look around. my main agenda is too look for a red kipling knapsack imitation and buy a gift for karlita. while my sister’s to-do is to secretly hunt a red watch for my birthday. and because she’s an accomplished captain obvious, i found out. hahaha. malas nya.

for our merienda (haha pati banaman to?) we had 2 donuts each and a baby-z zagu. which we sweat(ed?) blood and grime for! the zagu, i mean. kasi, when we bought the donuts, we saw a trashcan with an empty regular zagu plastic cup in it and because we’re big zaguwhores, we looked for the solitary zagu stall in the whole greenhills shopping center. we asked the same information girl twice but we still got lost. good thing manong janitor came to the rescue! he must’ve notices our already swelling toes and (heavily) perspiring underarms so he cheerfully gave us the RIGHT directions while cheerfully sweeping the walkway clean. so we walked faster, clutching desperately to our donuts in hopes of fighting the temptation of eating them without something to drink.

at last, amidst the horde of unimart shoppers we spotted the only small yellow stall with blue-capped tenders at the far end of the grocery. good Lord. whattarelief. whew.

i found a kipling bag! but just like before (with the red topshop wallet) i lost interest in it. from a whooping 4,500 down to a haggle-worthy 550, pwede na! but the redness is dull-er. haha ang arte o. ayoko na. hahaha. i’d rather buy the one worth 5 grand.

then we hopped (hop talaga!) to fully booked to buy books (duh). i was supposed to buy all american girl and harry potter 2 but my money’s not enough (like always) so we went to national bookstore instead. i bought harry potter 2 (chamber of secrets) and stainless longganisa (by bob ong). dapat gift ko ung stainless longganisa kay karlita but i missed the fact that he’s read all of bob ong na pala (haaay sayang). ok lang, akin na lang yun.

hmmm so from 1pm to (quarter to) 6pm my sister and i tired our feet of walking. I could almost feel my leg rip off. however that’s possible. it was a goooood day. a (very very) gooood day. now i know why i shouldn’t complain that i’ve been experiencing a lot of (very very) good things lately. it’s my birth month today! you’re the month! hahaha

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