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dance of the freaky circles

haha. last night was fun. we’re not complete but yeah, it was fun. we were noisy and uhm, fun. the chicken barbeque tasted great. i love it, minus the price.

so early this morning, my sister and i bolted upright from the bed with mom’s furious bellow. it’s always like that, every sunday, we’re too lazy to get up and mom would always serve as our alarm clock. one with a dysfunctional snooze. so we went to church, i forgot my bible. but i saw ehem, harry, far at the front with his usual spiked glory seated beside what i assume is his mother. unfortunately, we didn’t exit through the fire exit (where we usually leave) so i never had the chance to walk side by side with harry with all the people squeezing up the space to themselves and eventually bringing us closer. hahahaha. meeehn! but on the bright side, we still met on the way out. which made me think that the hand of fate is really working. yeah right. if you must know, we don’t know each other. we just have this hmm, neurological connection, or baka ako lang. but still, i can feel it. hahahaha.

i thought we’re going to the mall today. unfortunately we’re not. no money eh. and it was funny that my parents admitted the reason why we couldn’t visit my lolo in the cemetery is because we don’t have money to pay the graveguard. hahaha. what a lousy excuse but then again, as one text message says, “save yourselves from the traffic of going to cemeteries to visit your departed loved ones. rather, ask them to visit you. it’s more practical and meaningful.”

you know what, i get the point. thank you.

i watched ‘it started with a kiss’ awhile ago. oh, giddy me. mandarin flicks do flip. sometimes i don’t know what’s up with me that even at a short span of time i can write something about what happened and make it a big deal. and even add a lot more supporting gibberish to prolong the story. hahahahaha…