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i am totally consumed with what i’m reading right now. i was suddenly driven offtrack with my sasunaru cravings but i guess it’s baaaacccckkkk! hahaha, i remember this tagline i saw in tv – “readers are leaders”. naaah, i beg to disagree. people who read a lot don’t have time to lead, they’d rather sulk in the corner with a book than give orders to people who won’t cooperate. i’ll leave that to the socialites.

there are currently two things hyping me up today. 1) tomorrow i’ll be, hopefully, spotting harry in church. i should get punished for taking thy sacred place for granted but on the other hand it’s the only thing keeping me from sleeping. damn damn bad girl. 2) i want to go to the mall. what? again? i don’t get tired of malling. i think it comes in naturally. i have no money, be warned.

so, i’m taking my choices. i want to save the money i have to buy chamber of secrets and all american girl in fully booked tomorrow. that is, if i don’t spend it for tonight’s dinner (hope it’s free). big if. now why can’t i just ask my parents for money? oh because we’re currently at number 12 starving street, poverty-ville subdivision, moneyless quezon city, third world democrat philippines. it sucks not to have money when you need it.

i’m scared of exhausting ‘all the good things’ right now. i’m so happy that sometimes it feels wrong already. like i’ll never know when karma’s going to take it all away. i was hoping panaman to save all my good luck for college because that’s where i’ll definitely need it most. hahaha.

i need balance. oi, i’m not bragging that i’ve been receving too much blessing, heck if you consider doing the laundry for a whole sem a blessing, go ahead. i just need to feel both poles, that’s why. i want to be happy but at a later time feel bad about something. you know, balance. that happens a lot in highschool. haha, i’m not one of those who wants to feel complete hapiness like everyday is good. it makes me feel inhuman to not suffer for a long time.

pero diba ang weird nga naman kung biglang super okay lahat? parang, weh? may mali!

that’s what i’m scared at. i don’t want all the piled up misfortunes in my life pour itself when i enter college. waaaaaahhhh.

this is the first time i felt wrong for being happy. hahaha.

heyhey, i’m done reading the Odd Brain. details in ‘books’.