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some people want it all

good day. haha i think i’m jinxed not to have a successful website forever. i just merged my website to my blog. haha, i’m finding it hard to ‘commit’ myself to updating for the sake of 0 visitors. hahahahaha. it’s my 4th website. come on, and i toiled over that navigation at the top!!!! geee, whattapain in the ass.

again, we went to mall of asia awhile ago. hahaha and this time i guess i could proudly say that i can manage myself not to get lost inside. i found the ideal school bag i’ve been looking for. it’s a big red mojo-like knapsack from kipling. and the damn price? a whooopping 4,500 (approx). -_-; hurts. tsk.

but on the bright side after going to mall of asia we headed to greenhills. it’s a good thing mom’s clients works everywhere, especially in malls. that way we could tag along and tire ourselves in therapeutic escapades. and you see, we’ve already toured 6 different malls this week and we haven’t bought anything bigger that what could fit in a regular sm department store plastic bag. whattashame.

okay lang. i’m not used to buying a lot of stuff anyway. i’m more of a one-expensive-item-buyer rather than your usual impulsive buyer who buys everything but uses nothing. hence, i save.

i swear i’m going to look for a kipling imitation in greenhills. but if by some antagonistic air i fail to do so, haha, i’ll save 5000 for a freakin school bag. tsk. or maybe not. haha

come on, my birthday’s coming!