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the big scoop

haha thank you mika for the breaking the news to me!

wuhooo. allow me to hop around like a joey, run around like a dog, and waddle around like penguin because ryan philippe and reese witherspoon are OVER. lemme repeat that for you, OVER. O-V-E-R.

hmmm. i’m happy. really happy but there’s a part in my heart that hates the divorce as well. ryan cheated, how disgusting. but you know, i still love him. like a deranged fan. and who’s the flirting tramp? i forgot her name, it begins with an A. seriously, i forgot and i can’t seem to find the webpage because i forgot the search strings i typed and our history is quite skrewed up. and for crying out loud, A does(n’t) stand for Arianne. hahahahahahahahahaaa

and honestly, i have grown quite fond with reese on my tv screen and i couldn’t bear myself adjusting once more for another girl. unless it’s me, your hyper mrs.philippe wannabe.

alright, 1 ryan down. 1 to go!

ooooh, i can actually see the ryan agoncillo – judy ann santos break up in the headlines. that would be so sweet. or maybe not. i hate acting like a big jealous fan villain here. but i do enjoy being the villain. especially to our maid. hahaha