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early birds eat early worms

awooooooo? happy holloween!

from 100 mbps i am now back to the super slow 46.6 kbps internet connection. -_-;; can’t enjoy my youtube without the infuriating loading buffers. grr…

yesterday, terai and i left for yupi elbi. we are to spend the night there so that we’ll be the early birdies during my registration the next day, that is today. indeed we are the 2nd to the earliest birds arriving 30 minutes before the registrar windows open at 8. i skipped the pre college orientation that day because it”s scheduled during the afternoon and we do not plan to stay any longer since we have ‘plans’. hahahahaha…

so. i finally got a taste of college life. i went to a net cafe in front of the dorm and i was super enthralled by the computers. big big screen, fast fast connection and cool cool monitors. plus, the usb ports are at the front of the cpu frame so i won’t have any problems sticking my flash drive at the rear end. good bye diskettes. the main highlight of my netscapade last night is youtube. i watched, for the first a time, A LOT of harry/draco video clips without the annoying buffer pauses! yehey.
i slept in my sister’s roomate’s bunk and mind you, i had a gooood gooood sleep because it was coooooolllldddd.

the next day, that is today, i enrolled. i thought the line’s gonna be fucking long and boring but since we’re one of the earliest birds to arrive we, metaphorically, ate the first worms. got my schedule! it took us barely 30 minutes to register so we decided to ‘tour’ the place and get myself acquainted with the classrooms. it was a long and tiring walk, my feet are having blisters already.

but on the bright side, since it’s too early yet, we decided to go astray and drop by megamall. there’s the reward! we ate in yoshinoya and window shopped. haha, i’m a good girl. i’m not spending the extra cash from the enrollment fee mom gave me. so we first left my heavy bulky backpack in the package counter and went window shopping galore. haaay, i gave up the red wallet in topshop, now i want a designer watch. or just anything expensive. hahahaha. there’s a pupkin making contest exhibit there! coool, the displays are so creative! i took a couple of pictures but you know, my phones a sucker. can’t transfer. haha, someday somehow.