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i'm a borderline idiot

wahaha. check out the game ‘idiot test – are you a moron or an idiot?’ from

weee… because arianne is in a happy crush mood today (and i tell you, this RARELY happens). i figured out a song that will suit me and my once a week encounter with my so called, harry.

miss kita for 6 days. everyday na sana laging magkasama ngunit sayang talaga, di pwedeng ipilit for 6 days. i hate those days of 6 daaaayyysss. monday, tuesday wednesday hanggang saturday, ang saya ng araw pagdating ng sunddaaaaaayyyyy. ahahahahahaaaa.

hahahahaha. i heard news that our neighbors to the right are leaving soon. not that i care, we’ve (me and my sister) not really established a close relationship with them ever since we came here 5 years ago. that is something that made me wonder a lot. something that made me think i’m a big introvert and a big unfriendly twerp. hmmm… seriously, we don’t have friends here. and it’s too late to look for one either. i wish i were friendlier, maybe i could help give them a good despidida party. hehehe

i passed the idiot test, and was called brilliant for it. yeah right, for following instructions like don’t push the red button even though it’s the only button around.

here’s a piece of what i read from the odd brain. alcohol numbs the left hemisphere of our brain (the one who controls facts and memories) leaving us with a more active right hemisphere (that controls imagery and imagination) thus drunkards barely recall what happened last night and often hallucinates when he’s had too much.

last night we watched underworld in studio 23. oooohh vampires, kate beckinsale is so pretty. ooooh vampires again, this is great, i want to watch the covenant. hehe, i have two vampire fics already and i’m yet again, plotting on another one! a vampire!draco and a lycan!harry. tsk, unrequitted love knocks the plot bunnies in my head. this is just greeeaaaatttt. and hey it suits them booooottthhh harry may not be a warewolf but that could be arranged, and draco is definitely not a vampire but you see, in fic writing everything could be arranged. bwahahahahaaaa…

my sister is starting to give me odd looks with my weird fetish for hmm… gays. more specifically when i point out 2 blokes from the tv screen that looks good together. i know it’s weird, as i’ve told you, i would never have a boyfriend if i continue to think like this. anyway i’m not ready for one. but that could be arranged too. hahahahahaaa…

november is coming soon! and if you have a brain like mine, november spells b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y.

heartbreaking news update: so it is confirmed, ryan agoncillo and judy ann santos will get married by next year, and they want it on february 14! this is so heart shattering. one by one my celebrity crushes are becoming victims of alien abduction and is forced to marry the foreign species. haha ay joke lang.

if i don’t act right now, i may just a hear a news that tom felton and his fish loving girfriend secretly wed and is currently feasting on nothing but fish fish fish on their reception. grrr… wait ang weird ko. sorry. or it might be that tom felton left his girlfriend for a fish. hahahaha, last night in jessica soho reports, i finally confirmed that there are people who really love their baraccudas that they even decently burried them under the ground, in a polished casket, in a fish cemetery. how odd is that? how could someone be soooo attatched to his fish? why can’t he just cook it when it dies? that way they can save coffee and biscuit for the burial. hahaha

ay alam ko, maybe they’re a fish in their past life! hahahahahahaaa