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put an oga in a poga

i am happy today. i always am. there is no room for freakish negative vibes around me. i spread positive energy, hooooraaayy!

for one thing, Harry (for a change, this is not harry potter) is back to church. who is harry? haha, i don’t really know his name, all i know is that he looks like Harry Santos from pinoy pop superstar 2 and youuu know i like harry santos because youuuu know i love classical balladeers. hmmm, so my crush is back that’s why i’m happy. can’t wait to go to church. hahaha.

so for three consecutive days we toured through three different sm malls, one looking positively similar to the other. like duh? after church we went to buy a bedsheet, a pillowcase and a blanket. all for dorm use. hmmm… it was okay. nothing weird except that i’m slightly disappointed that i couldn’t find anything hello kitty printed. haaay. ok lang kasi red naman eh. mom was close to buying this checkered red blanket for me but put it back when i checked the fabric and said, “eh ma, muka kayang sako!” hahaha, is it the right thing to say around a saleslady? hehehe…

al last, enrollment is just 2 sleeps away. i can’t wait to get over it.

orrryyyyt! inaantok na ko! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz