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penshoppe has really stupid theft sensors

i thought i could get by the first time it happened. for once i was really amused by the fact that, hey this doesn’t usually happen. i was just a freak for things that went out of routine. so as i’ve told you yesterday, penshoppe’s sensors in moa beeped on me. and now, just now, penshoppe’s sensors in sm fairview beeped on me again. haha and heck i was just about to enter the place. they should really fix them, it’s getting annoying. i wasn’t the only one you know, it’s like every person entering the place had their own taste of beep beep beep beep.

hmm. one of the things that hurts me the most is when my sister and mom goes to the mall and not invite me. yeah, it hurts. hahaha, reallyyyy shalllooooww but oouch, it hurts. hahahahahaaaa… but in the end, i still went to the mall.

pink soda’s on sale. penshoppe’s on sale. my wallet only has 30 pesos. hahahahaha. and the canon powershot a430 is not in the display anymore.

the book i bought yesterday, The Odd Brain, is hmm… very informative. but it’s like a research paper. the cover pretty much gives an impression of a humorously trivial book but it’s written too technically, most of the informative stuff comes in complex words and lecture bullets. waaah, i would recommend it to psychology students though. hmm… but something really got me laughing, the list of phobias. there’s what you call autophobia or fear of ONESELF. and funniest and most severe (for me)… pantophobia or fear of EVERYTHING. just how do you deal with that?

i also read that talking to oneself while thinking is a sign of intelligence. so my dear friends, don’t hide it anymore! you’ve got company!

and that would be me.