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Good day. I spent a thousand bucks on a book, a tee, a bag of chips, a deodorant and 2 drinks from frappe (which we eventually threw out – unfinished – because of its sickening sweetness, even I who loves sweets gave up).

We were in mall of asia awhile ago. I took it to be the chance for me to finally purchase the red wallet I’ve been talking about in Topshop which costs approx. 1,200. the first time I saw it, I fell in love with its redness but now when I saw it for the 2nd time, I was turned off. The once bright red is now a wrinkly piece of worn out leather. I didn’t buy it. Haha, sucks how I even set aside a thousand bucks on a friggin wallet. Damn me and my maluho hormones. But anyhow, I spent it on other things… like the book The Odd Brain. Hehe, I was looking for a paolo coehlo but as usual, he’s always lost. I also bought a tee in the penshoppe, the one with ‘I love nerds’. Wahahaha, pinanindigan talaga! I remember this guy I saw in the bus, thick unruly curly hair, black plastic rimmed glasses, bulky backpack, FLORAL polo, khaki shorts and trekking slippers. See? I remember. I always remember people who stand out. I was like, ‘weh? May ganyan pa pala sa mundo?’ and I was right.

Theen, I was supposed to treat myself (and my sister too) to Starbucks but then we saw the booth ‘Frappe’. Since it sounds cheaper, we went for it. she picks the oreo and I pick the mocha hazelnut. Damn damn wrong move. I wasn’t even halfway through it when my throat starts giving off ‘puke it’ manifestations. It was tooooooooooo sweet. Believe me, you’ll get sore with the first 100ml. That led us to watsons, where we bought a bag of chips to somehow get rid of the sickening sweetness.

Then we roamed around the place. Oh, something amusing happened. After purchasing the tee in penshoppe, obviously, we went for the exit. And suddenly, their theft sensors went beep beep beep beep beep. Wow, I’m a thief now, aren’t I? I didn’t panic. Their sensors are stupid. I have a receipt for crying out loud. What’s so wrong with I love nerds? Hehe, anyway they fixed it already. I was suggesting pa nga to just throw the garment overhead para di sakop ng sensors eh pero well, they didn’t listen.

And that ends our journey. I’m gonna read now.