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new story! hahaha Interview with a Vampire. wahehe. major crap i know. hahaha, i’m a freak when it comes to harryXdraco. ooh, i watched interview in qtv last last night and that’s when the idea struck me! wala. i just took the title, it’s not going to be based on the movie. meeehhhn.

hmmm. early morning we left for batangas. all of us, mommy, daddy and terai. then we went to yupi elbi to drop my sister there and check out a few dorms. by few i mean only 2. i was sort of ‘contracted’ already to my sister’s dorm but i get this weird feeling of discomfort knowing that i’ll be roommates with their landlady. i have nothing against her, she’s super accomodating but you know, it’s a student’s thing.

nothing much happened. my butt hurts. i’ve been sitting the whole day – until now. wahahaha, i’m so proud of myself. kaya ko na kumapa ng plucking! haha, yeah that’s an improvement since i barely made progress with the guitar since… heh ewan.

my dad bought kuya tisoy’s 2nd hand pocket pc for 6000. great great price. it’s a compaq ipaq something haha. when i get used to it i’ll submit a review in my website and in cnet. whatever.

hmmmm… i’m so inspired. you know what, i don’t think i’ll ever have a boyfriend if i keep on giggling over hot gay couples (like harryXdraco. told you, i’m a freak). UNLESS, my boyfriend thinks the same way! ahahahahahaaaaa… then we’ll write fics together and live happily ever after! sounds great, no.

hmmm…so what if the harry potter cast goes to the philippines? waw. i’ll be damn excited. weeee… and i was just wondering. will they sign a harryXdraco picture? hahaha. i wanna know! i wanna know! i’m so curious… what do they think about harryXdraco? i heard tom felton has a girlfriend right now. yeah, sucks. but what if! her girlfriend is secretly writing a harryXdraco in fanfiction.net? ahahahahaaa… haha ditch her man! i would never do that to youuu! hehehe. i’m so weird.

oryt oryt! i’m going up to excercise!