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hahah. according to the ‘my heritage face recognition – celebrity matches’ my photo doesn’t have a match! ahahahaa! dismayado? lol. ahahahaaa… i even tried my sister’s picture and damn oprah winfrey and christian bautista are there! lol. anyhow, at least i’m unique. no other face like mine. no other hideous thwarp like me.

this is supppeerrr shallow i don’t care what you think.

i can’t image life without the tv remote control. i feel incomplete to not have that scrawny piece of gadget in my hands whenever i’m facing the tv screen. do you feel that too? i’ve grown too much accustomed to it that i would never consider going near the tv to press the buttons manually, unless it’s a matter of life and death. awww, the remote control is lost. damn, it feels sickening to stare at one channel for 1 hour, to bear the excruciating loop of commercials that seems to run forever. so i tried my best, toppled the sofa cushions in hopes of finding the remote stuck somewhere in between but to no avail. i searched every corner of the display cabinets wishing that my desperate search will soon meet its end. but nooo, i can’t find it. next thing i know, the endless run of commercials has ended. i defeatedly went back on the sofa to enjoy the 10 minute break of my heart breaking quest.

asan na ba kasi yun??????????

hohoy! i have a new artwork… K Swiss.. e wala just my favorite tennis stuff.
view it here!