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maria sharapova

haaay. you’re the best. damn. i want to play tennis already! waaaahhh… and wait! i found out something! ryouma echizen of prince of tennis is using a mizuno racquet! haha we’re the same! hehe although mine is the beginner’s edition. hehehe… tsk i can’t help it. prince of tennis has so much yaoi.

mehn. why is grandmother like that? puro na lang terai terai terai. naman, halatang favorite ah. no, i’m not jealous… i’m just pissed off that my grandma is ALWAYS ALWAYS blaming me if something bad happens to my OLDER sister… kasi di mo tinulungan magbuhat, kasi di mo kinuha ng tubig, kasi di mo sinamahan sa ospital. damn you make me look like a personal alalay. shit i hate that. hmmm… i don’t need your affection, seriously. just try to be fair, that is all.

hehehe… i love tennis. i really love tennis. whenever i see chynna, gerber or jopy in the court i just get anxious at myself. at my knee. my stupid old knee. by the way, i played with the wall awhile ago. i was just soooo excited i can feel my right knee throb in pain. i didn’t care, i was picking up the lessons i learned in TV.

lol, i wish i could watch the video of our last game. it was featured in some tennis tv show last last summer. hahaha… waaah sana my cable kami!

naman naman naman. nakaka-atat talaga. according the the paper classes starts nov. 13 but my sister says theirs will start at nov 20. o e kelan ba talaga? ayaw nyo talaga ko papasukin no?

jonadark! offered to beta my fic! yehey. thank you. hehehe, at least my story will -at last- have a sense of grammar.

read them folks! review review review! here ya gow