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that’s actually an edited version. i dry-brushed it using photoshop to, hopefully, hide the erroneous mistakes i’ve made. like the face for instance. i haven’t drawn a decent face since… i can’t remember and i can’t seem to draw a decent face anymore. hahaha. that’s darna, if (how odd) you haven’t realized. i just copied that somewhere. i can’t upload it in devart for now because they won’t let me! they say my browser is an outdated version already and i have to update! nye. sinungaling.

i just realized this last night. when an author starts to enumerate things in 1,2,3 he’s not aware that his book is somewhat morphing into a teen novel. i’m nearly done with The Zahir – Paulo Coehlo. there’s a part in the novel where he lists down the possible conversation topics he might come across while dining in with some important people. i swear he almost sounded like meg cabot. it was that part where he complained a lot about how uncomfortable it is to spend a night with people whom you barely know but should keep you company just because you’re one of the most influential people in the world. apparently, just like everyone else in his shoes, he partly hates being a celebrity. well well well… just that part. his work is still magnificent though this particular novel didn’t have that much effect on me.

next in line: Eleven Minutes. i’ve been hearing good reviews! i’m excited to read it, i’m just waiting to finish the zahir. theen… after Eleven Minutes i’ll resume to completing reading the Harry Potter series. i’m on the 3rd book already. and it’s the last i should read before i can finally say that i’ve read the whole bunch.

happy birthday mika!