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the big and the bang

oh i love yesterday. barkada christmas party at hannah’s! karlita and i were the earliest to arrive, hence we’re the earliest to leave as well. i ate a lot, talked a lot and you know, laughed like a lunatic. i mean, they wouldn’t mind! they’re my friends! they know me! i’m really a monster in disguise. we played games, shared stories, took pictures, gave gifts and sang songs. mehn. i just love yesterday. in fact when we were eating we almost looked like ‘the last supper’ since we’re 13 and complete. though i wouldn’t want to put it that way, being the ‘last’ you know. wahahaha. my cheeks are so stiff right now from laughing, i think i’m starting to grow abs as well. wow. great. if we only have reunions everyday then probably by the end of the month i’ll have the perfect abs! hahahaha. kagabi lang ulit ako natawa ng sobra ever since i entered college. e hello, may nakakatawa ba sa college????? aside from the oblation run? WALA.

let’s go back to the other side of reality where there are homeworks to be done and clothes to be packed for the back-to-school curse we have to deal with. i certainly do not wish to go back to school yet. though it means having to meet your college friends once again, i know it wouldn’t be as fun because meeting them would only mean talking about schoolworks, schoolworks and more schoolworks. haaay Lord, please help me.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. it also meant seeing your crush after a weeklong break. nah. i’m not as excited with seeing him but ‘seeing him’ sends little sparks to my heart so i might as well be glad. in fact, i’m more excited with watching Ryan Agoncillo on the big screen. i know it’s gonna be so heart-shattering and painful but I’ll get by. haha. ako pa. hahahaha