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adsense alert!! would you believe, i’ve reached $19.92 already! aww… keep on clicking the google ads guys!!

sometimes you have to risk disobeying your parents just to be with your friends. damn, right. my mom doesn’t want me to go to hannah’s house because someone told her it’s dangerous to go there at night. i’m being stubborn here. i’m so bad, but i just can’t miss it. come on, i’ve been waiting for this. i miss them.

ooohhh deeeaaarr, i have to watch Kasal Kasali Kasalo…. even if it means risking hurting my feelings in the process. you see, i’ve carried my extreme fancy for ryan agoncillo to the next level. for the first time, i dreamt of him. it was really nice, i even took a picture of him on my cellphone which, of course, will only exist in the forementioned dellusional part of my brain. but then again i have his picture in my cellphone! — in my dreams that is. all i remember is him sitting somwhere near, talking to US. yeah, unfortunately… US means me and my sister. i’m lucky enough his fiance isn’t there or else everything will be lopsided and disastrous. i’m not a flirt. i simply sat there as a fan, a wretched fan, a longing fan…. a psycho fanatic. we talked, though i can’t remember and he’s laughing. jeez, i swear i was melting at that time. ♥ hahaha.

alright. so Kasal Kasali Kasalo is currently on RANK 2 on the box office. Enteng Kabisote is still no.1. hmm… i have to watch. di bale na mag-isa!