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supermassive blackhole

hola amigas.

i feel so glum today. and dead tired too. the aftermath of my yupi elbi escapade yesterday is still here, lingering around, waiting for me to collapse.

damn. i should’ve known better than to sit for 5 hours and wait for my number to be called. grabe and tanga tanga ko talaga. lesson learned, asking is the most important thing to do if i’m going to deal with this alone.

the bus ride. yeah, it’s like a field trip with strangers. mom made me two sandwiches so that i’ll have something to eat when i’m hungry. the thing is, poor little sandwich number 1 got crushed so the tissue is almost part of the spread. but poorer little sandwich number 2 got super crushed to the point of looking like puke. i didn’t eat it.

hmm. i met with laura! yehey. company at last. we went to my sister’s dorm first to deliver her allowance and lumpia. then we saw patti! yehey again. it was my first time to talk to her in four years. hehe, we were never classmates before.

theeen, laura toured me around elbi, where i saw, at long last… the fertility tree! she was pointing the big tree to me and i was looking at the solitary palm tree. but nope, it was bigger. i mean BIGGER than the isolated palm tree and to think, why would people fuck under the palm tree? hello? but in the end i was the one who made the ludicruous guess. oooh, so that’s the fertility tree where lovebirds nest at night when the sky is unbelievably dark and the branches are almost touching the ground. romantic? eeew.

the first time i heard of the F Tree, look that’s almost like a fuck tree, i thought it was magical. like the room of requirement in harry potter where you just think what you want to see inside the room and when you open the door, tenen! see? if it was magical then that’s cool.

why don’t they just make a treehouse in it? diba? mas convinient. oryt, enough about the F3.

theeen, we went to lau’s dorm. and then we ate in mcdo. and then i went back to the infirmary to, yet again, wait. and then… i realized it’s not really that far if i walk from there to my sister’s dorm so yun nga, i walked. fortunately, i reached the dorm. drank a looooottt of water and went home!

home sweet home. whew. my thighs hurt. mehn, and the traffic is hell.