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suspicious infiltrates

i’m reading. trying to get some ideas on how to write m action. nothing dirty folks. mehn, this is driving me nuts.

crazy. brilliant. evil.

i just thought of this after reading digital fortress weeks ago and it was just now that it made a ‘whoa’ into my brain.

let’s start with worms. no not the maggots feeding on rotten food but the slimy brown worms that appears most when it rains, crawls on wet pavement and dig in soft soil. the brown worms that squiggle their way back to life when you crush them apart with your shoes.

how about developing a worm that regenerates when you try to kill them? uhm, i’m talking about computer worms now. you know, something like duplicating itself when you try to quarantine or delete them through an antivirus? yep. it’s a bad worm for me, i’d like it to be a network and target oriented worm that aims to COMPLETELY sweep the internet clean. yeah, worlwide internet bagdown. being network oriented, it doesn’t harm common computer systems but just those systems included in the target string, which the creator defines. it travels through the internet using a person’s web habits. so it starts with me, duh. if i make this worm and try to spread it worldwide… all i have to do is create an email, suppose my yahoo mail, and my pet worm will crawl into it and travel from router to router corrupting the area’s database. so initially, the email routers are part of the target string that will be victimized my the worms criminal activities. if i send an email to someone from yahoo Canada, the message travels from router to router until it reaches the router in canada where the message is delivered. well, let’s not underestimate email corporations security, they’ll obviously scan the worm and try to eliminate them, but seeing that it’s a regenerating worm, the more you kill the more they reproduce. so yahoo canada is dead meat.

and so they’ll do their job. corrupt online databases and databanks included in the target string. they’ll be deleted… all of them. and it won’t harm your computer, but it would make net browsing difficult. you’d be surfing in hell, so to speak. and uhm, that would cripple the most powerful networks in the web like google, yahoo, msn and aol. insert boisterous geeky snort here.

since everything’s deleted, the internet will be wiped clean. no more blogs (yeah, i’ll risk that), no more emails, usernames are nullified and terminated, web indexes are deleted, search engines wouln’t have search feeds.. blah blah blah blah.

it’s like a virus and worm in one. virus are easily eliminated with sweepers and maliciously damage common computer systems but some worms are only eliminated by a code. yeah right.

so when they get the code, the worm instantly self-destructs. but the damages are irreparable. all deleted files are deleted forever. no such thing as recycle bin. the interent will be gone.

but of course the web pioneers are still there. they’ll eventually rebuilt the internet.

welcome to internet renaissance.

jeez, and don’t you think i’ll try that for real. might sound brilliant, crazy and evil but alongside stupid. i don’t even know anything about programming.