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independence day

nyak. kinakabahan ako. haha, tomorrow i’ll be going to yupi elbi alone. ehh… wala lang. scared and excited. i love long bus rides, parang field trip.

hmm… how’s my dear buddy? the scan detected 6 malwares! waw. 3 variants of Proxy, 2 Hijackers and well, a Trojan! how nice. i’ve put the infected files under quarantine. they’re like a little over 100. tsk tsk. negligence at its worst.

unfortunately, ewido anti-spyware is a big wierdo. it’s jst 11.something mb and it’s slowing the pc like hell. i can’t open my mailbox (maybe because of the virus) and everything is like malfunctioning. edi dinelete ko. kabobohan. does that solve it? i deleted ewido including the quarantined files? no no no. it made matters worse. most of the quarantined files are program extensions. naloko na. i’m so dead. mehn. reformatting is the only solution.

heck, i thought i’m a genius when it comes to this?

haaay. sana birthday ko na.. sweet 16!!

you know what, you should buy your original operating system. yep, it would cost you like 10,000 (xp pro) but it’s well worth it. our OS cd is a forfeited copy of xp home so we don’t have this unique validation key that’s needed for the online updates! sucks big time. and you know what again, you should have your original antivirus. a good one would reach around 3,000 but then what’s that compared to the stupid default security of windows? it’s doesn’t sweep viruses, not even scans them, and the more you highten your security measures the more you limit your surfing options. another big time sucker.

damn. i promise in the name of Blaise Pascal and Charles Babbage, when i get my own computer i’ll buy an original OS and antivirus! no matter how much it costs me!!