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mayday! mayday!

i’m under attack by a malicious spyware! daddy’s gonna killl me. we don’t have an antivirus! not even an anti-spyware! great. we only have this windows security thing warning us that a spyware is roaming around the crevices of our system, snooping on my internet habits. how nice, now they have my password and by now they’re probably reading my inbox or perhaps they’re reading this. whatever. hey, this is big deal! i’m currently downloading ewido free anti-spyware, so hopefully it’ll do the trick.

i shouldn’t be blogging, you know. i’ve exposed a lot of my passwords already. meehnn.

we went to yupi elbi awhile ago to have my xray. big waste of time. xray only! no physical examination yet! and we traveled 2 hours for that! even full-tanked our car! that’s why i have to get back there this friday, which is friday the 13th in case you haven’t noticed yet, to get my xray and get done with the medical examination. the thing is, i’ll be going alone this friday! haha adventure! it’ll be my first time to go to yupi elbi alone. excited.

we checked the dorm too. it’s okay! i’ll be getting the upper deck and be roomates with tita beth, the landlady. beri nays. can’t wait to live there. onga pala, terai mentioned to me the shortcut hanging bridge to ceat. i saw it awhile ago, poor shortcut… the bridge has collapsed due to milenyo, no more shortcut. sad.

you freakin spyware!