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this is an extra small post which doesn’t necessarily have to be small. i don’t know why i tend to blog a lot when nothing is happening to me at all. right now, nothing happened. like nadda nadda null null none none empty empty. yet i know i have something to say, and mind you, i’m trying hard to pick up the lines. i feel a certain incompleteness whenever i fail to blog for day. it has become a habit of mine to waste thine sacred internet card with no less than the nonsense gibberish yours truly is feeding this page. did you get that? i’m tired, though i have no reason to be.

a tv actress once told that life is a box of chocolates, explaining that you’ll never know what one would taste like until you’ve had it in your mouth. nonsense. that is so corny. if i were a student from Hogwarts, i would say life is like a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. and you know exactly why. a brown bean would seem like chocolate but when you bite it you taste shit. exactly. shit is sometimes disguised as chocolate. hahaha. with Bertie Bott’s you get to guess what flavor could the red bean in your palm be. but with a box chocolates, there’s no thrill. you know it’s chocolate and you won’t be scared to try them because you know they’re sweet. unless one is actually shiiit. a red bean could possibly be as delightful as an apple, a strawberry or a cherry but could also be as gross as blood or scab. that’s the thrill a box of chocolates won’t give you. hail Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

i want to buy this tee in penshoppe. it says, i love nerds. perfect.