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scylla and charybdis

tell me, should i work in laundry mat or metropole for a living? mehn, seriously i can hear a faint buzz akin to the washing machine’s alarm. always. it’s driving me nuts. i’m getting paranoid, i feel like i’m not yet done with our clothes. this is weird. very weird. and i’m struggling to get out of this paranoia. the buzzing sound is still here and it’s following me. yeah right. not exactly, just whenever i’m in front of the computer. which is… always. i’m turning insane. and i always thought the world is my mental hospital. true. but it hasn’t been a fairly good rehabilitation area. i guess i have to hop on to another planet in hopes of curing this… hallucination?

the washing machine seemed like a monster to me now. a deadly whirlpool… scylla and charybdis. i never want to hear the alarm anymore. although i know it’s necessary to keep me in track with my job. my job. my laundry job. my stinking laundry job. the washing machine is scaring me.

lol. i just smoked pot.

change topic. harryXdraco is better than pot. it’s a big nutcrack. i love it. flicks color my dull heart. i’m inlove with harryXdraco. so much so i’d stay up late reading every harryXdraco (with an average of 10 reviews per chap.) in fanfiction.net. and i’m still not done with digital fortress. yup, it hypes me… the whole computer stuff is just so appaling. my dream course has always been either business or computer. funny where i am now. hahaha… i’m getting off.

harryXdraco. tsk. first of all, i only liked justin timberlake because he reminds me of draco!! yeah, the intriguing eyes and illusive smile (i just copied that). swoon-worthy.

i read somewhere that a fan filed a lawsuit against justin. i don’t know why… didn’t read further. but i did read something like justin pushed this GIRL on the wall and started throwing insults at her. come one… push me to the wall and we’ll snog all night.

where is my dignity?

i repeat, i just smoked pot.