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awesomely bad career moves

i’m enjoying vh1 a lot. but i just don’t agree with last night’s all access: awesomely bad career moves. to me a bad career move is something that practically ditched a celebrity’s status. madonna rapping is quite a news, but it’s not a bad move, it’s experimenting. look at her now, she’s still flying high with a new image every season. colin farrel, hollywood’s bad boy was said to make the worst career move by being Alexander. what’s so wrong with that? it’s not like he’s trying to compete with Brad Pit as Achilles. again, it’s experimenting. former presidential candidate Mr.??? who lost to Bill Clinton was suddenly seen in posters promoting viagra. it’s funny, yes, but it’s not at all bad. who else would they get to promote a libido booster than an old balding man who lost in the presidential elections?
hehe, and then there was N’Sync. it’s not about Justin though, but they mentioned him. hell, Justin would never make a bad career move. *swoons*

no luck in catching the replay of vh1’s All Eyes on Justin Timberlake. i’m a hopeless desperate.

today was my annual check-up! everything was fine, i actually grew taller! i’m 5’3″ now! that’s good news, thanks Anlene. i just felt super uncomfortable, not to mention ticklish, when the doctor checked my boobs. however he does that, and shit his hands are slightly trembling when he wrote me the prescription. what the hell? nothing serious though, just vitamin c.

i saw a group of kulasas in the hospital too. i found it weird, i was like “you’re having a field trip in a hospital?” i thought they were gonna visit a dying classmate but i saw a banner outiside the nurses’ building welcoming st. scholastica’s graduating batch. huh? and they were like touring the laboratory the nurses’ station and blah. haha, the hell i care. i was just curious, there’s nothing good to see in E. delos Santos Hospital. hop on to St. Luke’s for a better lobby.

i’m home by 11am and i immediately did the laundry. my sister is asking my company to the bank so i went with her. from BDO we walked until Ever and bought whatever mom said, saw kate, then left for SM fairview. nothing much, just want to stroll around and get my ocassional dose of expensive and addicting coffee. haaay, i love you starbucks.

you make me bankrupt with just a single cup. amazing, i know, how you catch all my senses. and soon find myself sipping your coffee senseless. i promised not to drink from you anymore. but it just made me craving for more and i’m sore. been waiting forever and that is why. i came for you, i can happily die.

drink coffee and get high.
smoke weed and fly.
pick mary jane and die.
seriously, just go and try.

another one bites dust.