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to where you are – josh groban

what a beautiful song! hihi and it served as an inspiration to me! yay! i wrote another crappy harryXdraco entitled – ‘To where you are’.. this time it’s T13. since making an M would take a lot of chapters. hooray to me, i just finished it. it’s 9 pages long. haha. and mind you, it made me cry. hahaha…

wanted beta-reader.

ever is so cheap! that’s a compliment! my sister and i went to ever supermaket to buy groceries awhile ago and our one thousand was well spent! we were carrying 3 bulging plastic bags of grocery stuff and we still have more than enough to buy food and pay for the fare.

waaaahhh. i want a nutella ferrero!!! sadly, 250 grams of it costs 121 pesos. =(

tomorrow will be my anual check-up! haha, this means i have to fast tonight and wake up early tomorrow. haynaku. i hope my bones are okay!

i have news! tuesday night i finished reading the sorcerer’s stone and right now i’m halfway through digital fortress! yehey… reading helps a lot. i need to buy more books before classes starts.