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you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be

shit. i wanna go to college. please please let me go to college. i have to sidetrack myself away from this. i don’t want what i’m feeling right now. it’s all coming back, i don’t want to go back to highschool. maybe i do, but for the sole reason of apologizing to mrs. resterio. my conscience is bugging me like hell. sorry mrs. resterio, if you happen to read this. sorry sorry. i will never do it again. forgive me because i won’t forgive myself if you don’t. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! i know this not for me to shoulder alone but mehn, i’m just so guilty.

on the cheesy side. how do you know if it’s love?
mehn, i hate being reminded of it especially in dreams. ayan tuloy, i’m confused. first love never dies? is it true? e naman eh… you you go away come again another day.

i’m done with the fifth chapter. i’m losing the grammar. and yes, people are quesitoning it. i was too absorbed with literature in 4th yr. that i never cared about grammar anymore. ahahahaa… it sucks but i have no time to have it beta-read. the only person i know who can beta my fic is laura becuase, i don’t know. because she promised not to laugh at it.

i’m listening to iris – goo goo dolls while writing and it just dawned on me that the lyrics is very much related to the fic. ayun, kaya ako natapos kaagad.

iris is now my favorite song.

i think i’m gonna cry when i finish writing. tsk.

half of me wants to forget ___ but half of me is also longing to see ___. i’m confused. but somehow i have to move on and focus on something else. like my freakin grammar. i think i failed all my english teachers.

meeehn, fanfiction.net is having frequent server overloads. they have to fix it real soon if they don’t want to have their reputation tarnished. or perhaps they have to expand their bandwidth and reformat everything without sacrificing an hour or so of being inaccessible. i hate it when that happens.

i’m tired of adventure quest. it’s getting boring, especially that our processor is a very olats pentium 3. and our computer is a 2nd hand chop chop.

hello santa claus, if you happen to read this. please send me a new computer on christmas. pentium 4 or core 2. you have 3 months to save for it. thank you.