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i feel productive today. i did the laundry, i exercised and finished re-making the events outline for my fic. remember, my dad unintentionally deleted it. golly, i nearly cried. masiyadong madrama!
i’m currently writing the fifth chapter. i hope i do get more reviews before i upload it. haha.. it’s not normal that i get more than ten reviews per chapter since i mostly write crap. oh well, that’s melodia04 for you, still desperate for reviews.

i haaatteee Adventure Quest. i can’t login!!! grrr… i’m stuck at level 11 because there’s always a ‘server full’ error i get whenever i try to login!! i am starting to curse the publicity its getting.
i first heard of it in Convergence, but now i see its ad everywhere. and you know how effective advertising it. i should’ve been thankful because it has grown quite popular but the fact that because of its traffic i’m not getting a slot to play, that’s a different story.

weee, love story in harvard na!