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another one bites the dust

ahahaha. it’s been a while since i last sang that song with it’s backtracked lyrics “it’s fun to smoke marijuana… it’s fun to smoke marijuana… marijuananana marijuananana…”. i could only sing it with jami, i don’t know why. everytime i sing that song, i feel possessed (at least others think i am). i look like a deranged drug addict.

hahahaha, yesterday was great! yahooo! 11 of us came! me, nez, carla, karlita, hannah, jami, ding, ka, kim, martha and laura! hahaha ang dami namin… saya! we played a little in timezone, ate dinner and split to watch click and the devil wears prada. haaaaaayyy. i feel so happy. i’ll miss you all. =)

i had my first dairy queen there. ahaha, and of course my first gateway cinema ticket. hihi.