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i am so alive

haaay. i feel goooooooooddddd!!! yeah!
hehe. i uploaded the 4th chapter of my fic at fanfiction.net yesterday and i’m glad that it reached 10 reviews already on its first day. yay. that’s why i feel so alive and inspired to write today. reviews = multivitamins.

unfortunately, dadddy accidentally deleted the events outline i made for the story. sad. now i don’t know what will happen next, the only thing i remember is the ending which is sad but happy. figure that. haaay.

ayan, nahihiya na tuloy ako mag promote ng fic. nahihiya ako mabasa ng isang kaibigan. haha shempre kasi alam ko lahat sila magagaling sumulat. haha inferiority complex. = parang mas gusto ko pa mabasa ng strangers bwahaha. basta… review lang ng review! kahit pangit pa yan ayus lang!

after that fic i’ll probably make another harryXdraco. based on the story of orpheus and eurydice! haha, traggic. tsk.

grrr. fanfiction.net net is advertising Adventure quest! kaya pala laging flooded pag naglologin ako!! haynaku!