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and i don't wanna go home right now

but sooner or later it’s over and i don’t want to miss you tonight.
i don’t want to miss you tonight. i don’t want to miss you tonight.

haaay, but i do and it sucks. just because i dreamt of ___ last night i couldn’t stop thinking about ___. i remember the times i acted like a complete stalker and damn you found out. i also remember the days where i even played a disguise to gain contact with you. shit. i was so pathetic back then, i don’t want to remember those days but it’s fun remembering them. i’m having a hard time looking for things to laugh about so i resorted to just laugh at my silly self. ahahahaaa…

yesterday was fun. i was reading my friendster bulletins and i had super laughtrip with the chain “song title” + during sex.
try it it’s fun.
the last three songs i heard yesterday was smile – lily allen, iris – googoo dolls and upside down – jack johnson.
smile during sex, iris during sex and upside down during sex! ahahahahaaa…

i woke up pretty guilty this morning because i didn’t visit our sanctuary last night. we had another bible session yesterday and i was soooo bad because i’m not listening. i’m reading the bible kasi and i realized how immoral life on earth was back then prior to the ten commandments.

lot’s two daughters got him drunk and slept with him so that they’ll get pregnant and sustain their lifeline. yeah that’s bad… nowadays. but during those times there is no law yet, only covenants of God to man.

that’s why the other day’s episode of Love Story in Harvard was my favorite. Professor Keynes said that Law – ‘is the effort of humanity to create principles’ based on their own experiences which affects the majority. eh wala lang.

bat ganun yung chocnut? parang may lasang bubblegum. hehe…Hany parin kami!
haaayyy SHANE IS MISS YOU!!!!!