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indistinguishable gibberish

i don’t know if i should be happy or sad with the blogger beta. i thought it would make my blogging options easier but just awhile ago, it just won’t lead me to the dashboard! i had to reconnect after an hour or so before it completely works right again. anyway that’s why it’s called BETA.

yeah, i beta get out of this.
sadly, i can’t. it’s an irrevocable action one can only embrace. pero ayos lang!!

hmmmm. sexy back by justin timberlake has this weird effect on me. whenever he shows up in the screen he always reminds me of tom felton. ahahahahaaa… oh yeah!

heyheyhey! terai will be home later!!!

waaaaaahhh… ate guia inspires me. i read, in her blog, that she’s a college/university scholar in uplb. she’s taking up chem.
damn, i hope i’ll be able to pull some rabbits off my hat and tricks on my sleeve and aces on my deck and more tricks and rabbits and aces and more tricks and rabbits and aces.

sometimes i’m excited to go to school, to experience dorm life and to face dreadful profs but now i don’t think i’m ready again. laura fired a bolt of lighting on me when she said chem 16 is pamatay. what the hell? now i don’t know what to do. i was never good at chem, let alone science… i was just tooo shocked at the upcat results? how come it’s like that????? how cooommmeeeeeee???!!!!

ayoko na, kinakabahan ako lalo.=