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late night entry

duh. wala lang akong masabi.
i’m waiting for mommy and daddy to arrive from caltex because they fetched terai. e bat kelangan ko sila hintayin? inaantok nako. oh because i will open the gate for them, greet them then beso beso.

heh. why can’t our maid do it? haha spoiled.

love story in harvard is getting boring. i thought they were gonna shoot the whole series in harvard, e sight seeing panaman yun. hah. loser.

i figured chinovelas and most telenovelas for that matter can be compared to a bubblegum. you chew it senseless until you extract all the sweetness in it. even after it has lost all its taste you still chew it because you just fancy chewing bubblegums then you will realize your jaw already hurts so you spit it out. yeah, just like that.

then you look for another bubblegum and do the same. you’ll never end up chewing the same bubblegum forever, because duh, it’s impossible unless you’re trying to set a record.

night folks.