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hola amigos!

we’re feasting on nachos and salsa right now. how could it get any better than this?

my sister and i had a petty fight last night which led to her wanting me chucked out of the dorm. ahahahaaa… she doesn’t want me there!!! but we’re ok now, she’s just stressed and you know my sister is a monster when she’s tired.

dorm dorm. if i go to their dorm in raymundo st, i’ll be roommates with their landlady! which is quite a good thing for my parents. hah. they don’t trust me. sometimes i don’t want to be dormmates with my sister because we’re not friends. mag-aaway lang kami. e anu ba naman yan.

ok na kami. in fact we’re downloading songs from ‘my name is kim sam soon’ soundtrack and we’re like singing idiots here. i wouldn’t be surprised if a korean suddenly pops out of the monitor and spanks us for bastardizing their language.

i remember my korean friends when i was grade six. they gave me a sketchpad and an anime magazine for my birthday! tapos they lent me their korean comics pa which was as thick as the telephone directory!! shempre tingin tingin lang ako di ko mabasa eh. as if.

i’ll be preparing another tray of baked mac today!! it’s my cousin’s birthday tomorrow! yeheeeeyy. ibig sabihin makakalabas ako ngayon para bumili ng regalo! eheheheee…

ahahahaa my sister is calling me duday!! e mas mabantot ung kanya, terai!