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vegan deficiencies

it’s 1:30, we’re supposed to leave at 1 but look where we are still. i’m being generous today, i offered everything in my wallet to the church awhile ago…which is only 10 pesos but at least i emptied my wallet. hehe and i could hear them clink in the offering bag.

another thing, i did my sister’s homework because she still has to do a lot of things. yesterday too, i stayed with her while studying because she asked me too and she needs some moral support on her troublesome tax evasion analysis homework. she needs me for some references, meaning gossips about what’s hot in the tv screen and we stayed until 2am. at least isp bonanza has free internet during offpeak hours 12mn -2am. ahahaha… i can now see how demanding college life is. she should have left 30 minutes ago but then again, she’s still here at home.

wahehe. i’m so proud of myself. my website is fully functioning now and it’s the first time, in my 3 whole futile webcreating attemps, that i completed a website project. another thing, my fic has 71 reviews already. hehe, but i’m on the 6th chapter. hehe, at least it got an average of 10 revs/chap and i’m glad. sooo glad.

while typing my sister’s homework i realized some things. we, dark skinned people, may have a higher tolerance to the sun’s UV rays preventing us from having skin cancer and such but having dark skin, or more melanin also makes our vitamin D (from the sun) absorption poor. and vitamin D is important for our bones because it’s colleagues with calcium in strengthening them. poor bones. i’m too dark and i drink too much coffee and i already have a bone problem… awww.