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mehn. i downloaded tumblebugs – 11mb and found out it’s only a 60 min. free trial. sucks. i went to farmers market with my mom awhile ago, it’s been years since i last went to the wet market with her. nothing has changed, still noisy and it’s overwhelming… maybe because it’s been a long time. and hmm… it’s nice shopping (is there another term for this?) in the market because i get to see my favorite fishes and you don’t need to carry your bag with you and dress up. just have big-pocketed shorts with money, of course, and you’ll survive.. ahahahahaha… i wore white pants and damn what a wrong move. i carried everything we bought and swear, i could feel my arms ripping off. why Farmers anyway? ahhh.. because it’s hell cheaper than Commonwealth and Fairview wetmarkets. Plus 2pm is their ‘bagsakan’ hour which means the fishes are freshly delivered from the pier. cheaper and fresher.