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weeee… found another game site! so far so good, i’m playing a kiddie game called tumblebugs. haha cute. right now i’m updating the active x control, whatever that is, so that i can play drag racing. my gamesite hunting has gone a little farther now, i first went to orisinal but their games are too boring, then neopets… but then i’m having problems loading them… then clubpenguin but it’s toooo kiddie, if you get what i mean.. i was amused by it because penguins are naturally cute but hey i found myself counting beans all the time, then i moved to adventure quest because it’s a free RPG… haha i’m stuck at level 12 though.. went to minclip too but i have to download everything in our pc in order play.. blah.. ok and there goes addicting games.

terai will go home today. hehe… yehey. we’ll be having a 1000 peso gift check from burgoos. yehey. eat eat eat.

tumblebugs is fun. hehe…

please check my website. //arianneonline.tk wahahahahaaa… just simply go there for hit’s sake and sign the guestbook. i’m a sucker for traffic.