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uaap finals

i wasn’t there but i watched it on tv. i’m for ateneo even though i don’t study there. the fight was great! the greatest uaap match i’ve ever seen. i was too overwhelemed with how the game turned out. admu won by the way with a point difference to ust. the suspenseful part of it was when admu was 1 point ahead of ust and ust managed to score a point under 10 secs! now only 1 sec was left remaining and there was a break. during the inbound pass in favor of admu, the player outside the court fastbroke (?? whatever, basta he did a fastbreak) the ball to cramer who was beside the ring and with a great amount of whatever the commentators said, the ball went it. wuhooooo! yeheeeeeyyy!

there were a lot of amusing parts. it was my first time to see a goal tending violation for real, i mean with real people because the last one i saw is from Slam Dunk anime. and it was funny that the ball got caught on the headboard. hahahaha.

after taking terai to the terminal we went to sm north edsa to buy computer spare parts.. usb drive and extension. mom and i went to check ‘the block’ while dad does his thing in ‘cyberzone’. hehe. the greatest thing about it, at least for me, is that they FINALLY have FULLY BOOOKED!!!! what a treaaatttt! books galore. i have no money with me, in fact we only have enough money to buy a buy 1 take 1 hapee toothpaste and pay the parking fee. we bought the toothpaste.

i promised myself to get a harry potter book on my birthday (probably the 1st one because i want to reread the whole thing bit by bit) plus the creative muvo txfm or the zen something mp3 player. they marked down the price again, the 512 mb was initially 5thou, months ago when i checked their catalogue it dropped to 4,500 then just now when i got a new catalogue, they’re selling it for 4thou with free speakers. great deal, i’m just still having doubts on its durability because most user reviews i gathered from the net turned it down.

the sm appliance center in ‘the block’ is one of my favorites too. okok, when i get my sallary i will buy a book. make that 2. definitely.