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cry me a river

justin timberlake is driving me crazy. haha. it all started with the music video of sexy back. mehn. and yesterday he’s in TRL. treaat! i was squealing all night! what a fangirl.

i’m using the computer! yeeey. he’s ok now. LQ no more, or should i say buddy quarrel no more.

i watched speed in qtv last saturday. twas great. yeah, of course my favorite sandra bullock was there.

we have three promotional computer package deals from cyberzone. i had fun choosing. while i’m keying for the pentium D, dual core and core 2 duo, i guess pentium 4 will work just fine, xp pro is a whooping 9,500. that’s tooooooo biiiiggg. ok, so pag may 30,000 na ko bibili na ako ng computer.

the mp3 player. hehe. in my private journal i have tabulated my expenses for my delayed salary this month. i’ll buy a creative, that’s for sure but i’m still, as usual unsure about which. muvo txfm or zan nano plus? haha. ang laki ng problema ko.
e kasi nga i don’t want to sacrifice durability for functionality and an ipod costs too much. there’s a promo in sm appliance in ‘the block’, buy a creative get free pc speakers! hehehe… e gusto ko ng bagong speaker.

pero meron akong isang sure. i’ll buy harry potter 1 and digital fortress. haha.

haaay, justin timberlake.