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the fabulous life of cameron diaz

she’s not my favorite actress, mind you. but they featured justin in one of their segments. mehn, they hooked up. meeeeehhhhhnnnnnn!!!!


i was stalking justin in mtv, haha. i saw him in trl replay, i watched cry me a river in tata young’s handpicked, saw a glimpse of sexy back, watched a pretty long and semi-infuriating segment of his love life with cameron and saw specks of his concert, Justified Stripped with Cristina Aguilera. he even mentioned her as the best singer in his generation.

and i’m not yet satisfied.

hehe, this will go away in a matter of weeks. but i’m not sueing it… at least even though my real love life is a big grayscale blur, i have someone to swoon over and stalk on the net. it’s nice having something to do that triggers your fangirl hormones. hahahaha…

terai is here. good news, she’s here! bad news, she brought all her laundry here because they have no electricity in LB and the laundry place is closed. and who does the laundry? i do! greaattttt!!!


tomorrow is yoshinoya day! yeheeeyy!!

what’s with celebrities and their mansions? don’t they think it’s too costly to maintain a mansion they rarely visit? yeah yeah, like they’ll settle for a cozy fontana type bungalow. i would even if i become a mega billionaire.