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the marauders are back

i just finished reading an in-progress fic. it’s M. yeah, i always read M. not all M’s are graphically detailed to the point of you wanting to puke in horror. in fact, i categorize my fics under rating M to be safe. i tend to curse you know. and more likely, the M’s in ffnet get more reviews.

mehn, i’m slowly getting quite accustomed to HPDM mpreg. i was highly opposed to it back then because most mpreg plots suck. but just recently, like a fresh 5 minutes ago, i was reading an mpreg. i realized it doesn’t hurt all that much to see harry impregnated by draco of course. mehn.

i am a harry potter freak now. oh scratch that i am a harryXdraco freak. if only i could play cupid and give the two a shot, mehn they must be the hottest gay couple around.

the news yesterday broke my heart. it really did shatter me into pieces. ryan and judy ann are now inseparable (sp?) by the bonds of family and, sooner, marriage. i’ve never been involved with someone real. 95% of my love life is spent crushing and obsessing on celebrities. why does my ryans always get married to people i dislike. take ryan philippe and ryan agoncillo. hah. and don’t question my taste. i really have high regards for spectacled guys. i started crushing over ryan p. in cruel intentions where he wears glasses. ryan a. wears glasses too… ahahahahahahaaa…

hehe. i’m flattered. i was vanity searching my username and i found two random bloggers using two of my layouts archived in blogskins. the linkin park and the retro divas. ehehehe… wala lang.