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my buddy is sick

the computer screwed off again. this time it’s not because of a virus (that i unintentionally downloaded through scam) but because of the power source. it gave up. it won’t turn on. haaay. sad. i was super excited panaman to write because i have the ideas flowing once more but mehn. meeeeeehhhhnnn!! it’s still in the repair shop, i guess daddy will pick it up later. the repair guy called us yesterday telling that the operating system (win xp) is corrupted and they’re asking for our permission to reformat it. hell no. we haven’t backed-up our files yet. mehn. i hope nothing bad happens to the hard disk. i have a lot of files there. waaaaaaaahhh! including my crappy gay story. i can’t afford to repeat ALL that. whew.

i’m giving up the digital camera (for now). instead of saving for it, i’ll just save for a personal computer. yes, it’s definitely a more sound decision. and yes again, i’m excited. i won’t be maximizing the use of a digicam if i don’t have a winner processor and a winner hard drive. computer first! hehe. besides i still have my phone, although it has its own problems. supposedly i will be finish saving for the digicam (12k) this november but since i will be saving for a computer instead, it’ll have to wait until next year. wishing that by the time i have raised 30,000 already. sounds good.

and the mp3 player… hmm. i’m buying the 512 mb creative muvo txfm for my birthday (which is a good 2 months from now. great deal of time to save) . what’s good with it is that it’s a multifunctional piece of technology. mp3 player, usb thumbdrive, voice recorder and fm tuner/recorder. beat that. aaahh… whatever. i have a feeling it will be tremendously useful for college.