A very personal blog


my buddy is okay now. the power source was changed. i managed to backup our files even with a disfunctional mouse. yehey! kaso may problema parin, ung mouse nga. seems like the usb is fucked up.

i’m planning on creating another website, it’s my 3rd attempt already and hopefully i will keep this one up running. it’s a personal website, full of everything i fancy. vain, yeah. hehehe. and according to my brilliant mind, i won’t be making multiple pages for it. yeah. awesome. i have my own secret ways of doing it, and no i won’t be using scripts to compress the items in one page. hehehe. just stay tuned. it’ll be arianneonline.tk … hopefully.

I watched a bit of Ultimate Fighting Championship last last night on RPN9 while waiting for Desperate Housewives to end. I never really liked wrestling but I found last night’s UFC rather disturbing. It was Shamrock (if I heard it correctly) versus some guy. Simply put, they were caught in the most uncompromising position on the ring floor, if you get what I mean… and by ‘uncompromising’ I mean something that should be rated R18 for sexual themes. Of course wrestling has always been R18 but that’s for violence alone and I’d like to add, even on that single match. You see, it was… disturbing and according to the commentators it’s the longest fight yet in the whole UFC history. They were like stupefied on the ground in ‘that’ position they’re in and they held on to it for like 30 minutes and more, according to the timer on the screen. Mehn, it’s demoralizing my ‘innocent’ brain. Haha. Honestly, they looked like shagging blokes. LoL. I actually wrote that. Might be one thing in the gay kama sutra.

Yaoi is for anime and harryXdraco ONLY. Promise, I wouldn’t get out of that border.