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bwiset blogger

i’m almost done with my website. i have coded everthing, hosted every image and checked every detail. i created a new blog for it but blogger won’t upload my template for some damn unreasonable errors. i even tried the template in this blog and it freakin worked. how come it won’t work with the other blog? shit you blogger. i suppppeeerrr hate beta.blogger. i guess by the time the moderators have ironed out the bugs in beta, i’ll be ready with my site.

for now,
i repeat

here’s the layout i made:

took me 3 hours to finish that, including the header image. to me it’s okay, simple and that’s the way i want my website to be. not to many graphics and not to much sidebar contents. i’d love to consider it a professional looking layout but hey, my coding is pretty messy i guess it only works in IE. damn, notepad is killing me. someone give me a ms frontpage and spare me the backpain.

tell me if it’s good. =)