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nakakatuwa naman

i was browsing my old old blog in blurty and i found an old old link to my old old forum board!

open pa pala sha!

heer ya gow!

ahahaha… akala ko na delete ko na hindi pa pala! di ko na lang idedelete! pero in fairness i have 35 members! ahahahaaaa…

no no, i won’t be updating it. i’ll just leave it like that. share lang.
pero kung type nyo magmember go ahead. maybe i can relive it of some sort.

binabasa ko rin pala ngayon ung mga old old topics sa old old forum board ko na yan. grabe, natatawa talaga ako. tsk. it’s been 3 years. hanggaaaleeeeng. buhay pa ang forum board ko!

mabuhay kaaaa!

i-quo-quote ko lang yung isa kong post sa isang RPG thread:

“name: melodia
age: 15
species: witch of music
abilities: none at the time…the only thing she does is to ride on a broom stick that she uses also as a flute…
specialties: she’s good in any instrument
description: she likes music and chocolate! she has long brown hair with amethyst eyes, fairly tall for her age and has a fair skin. she wears anything comfortable but trendy
characteristics: she is a joke-box, friendly, loud and funny, she has a very short temper and sometimes stupid enough to bump on a bear… she is smart…
brief background: she lives in the castle of Ferero in the town Rocher, in the state Tobler, in the continent Choco in the planet Eew… and in the glalaxy called Watta-Way. She has an older brother named Clef and a younger sister named Staff, she also has younger brother named Orch, and two more twin brothers namely Flat and Sharp… melodia has the most beautiful name…^.^ her parents died in an accident that pushed them all to relocate from the continent Musica to Choco… btw… all people in planet Eew are witches…”

ahahahaa… tawang tawa talaga ko. broom stick at flute in one?? imagine!
ahahahaaa… and galing naman pala ng imagination ko eh.

nakakatuwa talaga.