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si tu n'etais pas la

oh yeah, i can sing french now although i’m not sure you’d recognize it. haha, now i can sing in a lot of languages! filipino, english, japanese, korean, mandarin, indian and french! ahahaha, acheivement.

i’m a bit exhausted and bloated at the same time. remember it’s my cousin’s birthday! i cooked a tray of baked macaroni for their family and another tray for ourselves. whew! chopping garlic(s?) was never an easy job for me especially that i have to chop like 6 cloves. i’m not complaining i’m actually happy because it turned out great. ooohh, i love cheese.

aaaaannnnndddd, mannie texted me! at last! she’s been my bestfriend since grade two and i’m thrilled to regain our contact once more. wahooow!

i’m gonna paint later! hehe, i just feel like i need to update my deviantart account with another artwork. i guess i’ll be painting those cute matreshka dolls from the encyclopedia.

need more reviews. if you are a harry potter fan and if you happen to like homosexual pairings like ‘harry and draco sitting on (under?) the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g’ – yep, like that – please read my fic!! eheheheee… and leave a review.

heer ya gow!

isn’t amelie poulain fabulous? 🙂