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what if you had a universal remote… that controlled your universe?

i feel so blessed! i don’t know why, it’s not often that i feel extra happy during sundays especially when there are piles of stinking dishware to wash and a basketful of stinking laundry to clean. but then, i’m enjoying life. ever since i knew that i’m actually destined to face college life anytime soon. there’s nothing incredibly great to look forward to college, especially when you know it’s another series of unfortunate events or grades (in my case, maybe yours too) that you have to face for the next miserable four (more or less) years. and mehn, i have to deal with it for five years.

heh. i just killed a mosquito with a super clap.

yeah, so what if i have a universal remote that controlled my universe?

we watched click last night. it was a pretty hasty decision of going to the mall that night but we enjoyed it. at least i did because i chose the movie and i can’t afford to miss an adam sandler. golly, mom wouldn’t allow me and my sister to go alone so she called ate theresa to be our chaperone. chaperone. chaperone. mehn, we’re not kids anymore, maybe my sister is (hehe), but i’m not!! i almost felt guilty for it. ate theresa and i used our free complimentary ticket from last time and my sister used my reward card to get P10 off the ticket price.

they say it’s comedy but i think i cried more than i laughed. seriously. hehehe…

i’m inspired to paint on tissue canvass! i guess i’ll do it later when i see a scrap illustration board. i watched this documentary, Art From Fallen Leaves from japan video topics in IBC and i was super amazed. you should watch it.

weeee… gotta paint! gotta paint!!!