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everything becomes beautiful when you are doomed

really now? okay, i won’t argue with the title because achilles said that. swwwoooooonnnnssss.
i’m hopeless, i don’t think i could ever stop myself from biting my nails. apparently they’ve gone a deal shorter, again, due to my monster habit of biting them. so i’m a monster now, and monsters don’t usually explain themselves. so i’ll leave it there.

i’m excited to go to school, yeah that’s rare. hello? if you were quarantined for five months without anything new to learn aside from the stuff you get in tv, wouldn’t you yearn to go to school, learn new and probably confusing things, earn new friends and coleagues, and meet people who are just as confused with the lessons?
i’m being a dork here. ngork ngork.

heyhey. last august 21, i just finished conceptualizing my magazine. oh yeah, it’s time to make good use of my time. i’ve done a couple of articles already and hey, i got my own staff. my own writing team. my own layout artist. and they’re all great. wanna know them? no, i won’t spill them all. i like the name of my opinions writer, an italian named mr. dano ponioni… that’s why i hired him. and they’re all gonna work for me without charge. that’s sooo kind.
we’re kinda rushing it so that we’ll set it debut release this september. watch out for Oh! Blimey magazine. =)

yeah yeah, a dork’s gotta do what a dork’s gotta do.
do you want me to feature anything in particular? we’ll get you credited for it. and my feature writer Rese Tufa will take care of the details.

haha. did you actually believe that i’m putting up my own magazine? and with an italian writer?
well, you should. it’s a low-budget one so i don’t think most of you will see a copy of it anywhere.