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vash stampede

it’s a sunday, hooray! it’s our church’s 18th anniversary and all of us is celebrating. i presume we came in earlier than usual but we still ran out of chairs. it’s ok though, we didn’t end up standing anyway. we had a guest speaker today and i like him. he’s a former cheif of police and bounty hunter (yeah!) in california. his voice was a little rash and he sounds like he has asthma, always running out of breath. but i understand, it’s hard chasing after fugitives but at the same time it’s cool to be a bounty hunter (yeah!). I remember trigun, my favorite police related anime because of the action, the character design and the alias – Vash Stampede.

then we went to ever to buy some grocery stuff. i love nachos with salsa. if i only know where to buy cilantro leaves then i would probably be doing a homemade one. but nooooo, have to stick with commercialized products.

weeeee, got my registration form already. classes starts at novemer 13! ira’s birthday (i guess hehe)! that’s 3 days before my birthday too! sadly, i don’t think i’m going to enjoy my PE with a permanently injured leg. it doesn’t hurt but the friggin meniscal tear is still there and it won’t go away so i have to take cautious measures for a lifetime. how unfortunate, i would love to play tennis or softball, karate or arnis… but i have to stick with walking for fitness, hula/tahitian (cool!), table tennis (err?) and probably CHESS. basta no legs required. my goodness, i don’t want to be seen walkin around the campus with a chess board. it’s too dorky. but i’m really a dork remember? and i won a medal in chess. it doesn’t hurt to play it again. besides, it’s a strategic game. wahehehehee…